1. No chewing gum or eating during class. Do bring a water bottle to each class, it is important to stay hydrated.

2. Show up to class on time. It is respectful to your team mates and teachers when you are prompt.

3. Payment for monthly tuition is due the first practice of each month. No exceptions.

4. Dress appropriately. Try to wear clothes which do not hinder dancing performance. Tank tops, capri’s, leggings, sweats and t-shirts are all acceptable for hip hop   and jazz. For ballet, tank tops, shorts, skirts and capri’s or leggings are appropriate, but you will also need to wear tights with your ballet shoes.

5. Please attend class as much as possible. It is hard to choreograph and do placements of students without all the dancers present.

6. You MUST notify the teacher in advance if you are going to miss class. It is your responsibility to get with another team mate and learn the choreography.

7. Team work is a vital key within a dance company. Everyone must be respectful to one another, no gossip or rude comments will be allowed.

8. Family and friends are not allowed in the studio during dance practice, unless they are attending a workshop, or trying out the class for free. I do encourage you to bring a friend. and we will let them try the class out for free one time.